Are you listening America? Buick tops J.D. Power Study

When the Big Three CEOs testified on Capitol Hill a few months back, it was startling to see how our politicians’ perceptions of the auto industry are so far behind the times. To listen to their questions, you’d think Detroit made nothing but gas guzzling pieces of crap.

Of course, their questions probably reflected the perceptions of most of the car-buying public, too. There is a serious perception gap in the marketplace. It’s true, the domestic auto industry has its flaws, but in reality, they making some great cars.

Need proof? Today’s JD Power rankings ( show Buick tied for the lead in dependability. The study looked at more than 200 potential problems and analyzed responses from owners of 2006 model-year vehicles. It shows that GM is quite capable of making vehicles that stand the test of time.

As for the gas guzzling tag? It’s true, GM rode the wave of pickup truck and SUV profitability for a long time. But, they can make a high mileage small car, too. Last night, I saw an ad for a Chevy that gets 37 miles per gallon and the Volt shows a glimpse of promising technology for the future.

And, just to show that GM hasn’t strayed too far from its roots, it is still leveraging great brands like the Camaro and Cadillac. Both brands remain extremely popular and are likely successes for years to come.

There are a lot of great things on the horizon for General Motors, if they can just get through the next several months. A key to their success will be closing the perception gap and convincing people to give their products a look. Today’s great news gives the company one more weapon in their arsenal to win this battle.



  1. Buick…that’s a cool name. I’ve never heard of it before.

    That would probably be a good brand name for some kind of a motorized propulsion vehicle.

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