Cost-Cutting for the Kilpatricks

Apparently, the Kilpatrick family is having a little trouble making ends meet down in Texas and only have $6 a month left over to repay the City of Detroit. I feel for them, I really do. I think we can all relate to the tough economy and the struggles of the average American family. With that in mind, I’ve got a few cost savings tips for Kwame and Carlita:

First, let’s get that rent payment down…$2,700 a month, gosh that seems steep. Here’s a lovely three-bedroom home in desirable Creek Crossing subdivision in Mesquite…only $1,250 a month! Yes, the twins have to share a bedroom, but, geez, they shared a womb, right? Sharing a bedroom should be a piece of cake.

Okay, let’s tackle that pesky Escalade lease for $900.00. It’s a nice ride, it’s true. But, maybe, just maybe, it’s a little overkill. Plus, it might put you in a risky spot politically at Compuware…see, a buddy of mine is a VP there and he drives an Escalade. Kwame, if you roll up your sleeves and work hard, maybe you can climb the corporate ladder, make VP and THEN get the Escalade.

In the meantime, I searched and found an awesome Saturn Outlook with three rows for just $457.00 a month! What’s really cool (assuming Carlita doesn’t mind riding in the back seat once in awhile) is you can put one kid in each row, thereby eliminating sibling fights. The DeVilling family is taking the Outlook to Florida in a few weeks…I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally, I know you probably had to buy some new clothes for the new gig. It’s probably tough finding stuff that fits…here’s a link to the Casual Male Big and Tall outlet in Allen, Texas. I suggest the Palm Beach suit for $285.00. I know, I know, you usually buy $4,000.00 suits, but these are the times we live in.

So, let’s add it up…we saved $1,350.00 on rent, $443.00 and $3,715.00. That’s $5,508.00, plus your $6.00, that’s $5,514.00. We are getting there. I’ll have my wife Jana touch base with Carlita. She can tell her about some great deals at Target…



  1. Ha! Great post, Mike. I’ve been out of touch with the Kwame saga, but these recommendations can only lead me to believe that he continues to make poor decisions. Sigh. Good riddance.

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