Another great season comes to an end…

A little escapism is a good thing.

I spent the day yesterday prospecting for new clients (challenging), reading about President Obama’s auto industry rejection (unsettling) and watching the stock market tumble by nearly 300 points (downright ugly).  As days go, it wasn’t horrible, but it was still on the wrong end of the stress meter.  By the time 6 p.m. rolled around, I was mentally spent.   

But, it was Monday in March, and that means one thing…I and nine friends roll over to West Middle School and play hoops in the 30-and-over men’s league.  For two hours, we can forget about being CEOs, VPs, entrepreneurs, salesmen, teachers, Federal agents, husbands and dads.  We strip away the stress of the day and focus on our jump shots, our dribbling and once in a while, maybe even some defense.

We’ve played together now for four years, and each season seems to be more of a blessing than the last.  For one thing, at age 43, I’m happy just to be able to get up and down the court.  It’s also a great bunch of guys who play hard, keep it all in perspective and just enjoy a night out with their friends. 

Last night, we got beat, 58-54, losing in the tournament semifinals to a team featuring former Piston Rick Mahorn.  I was bummed that we lost, but much more bummed that the season is over.  As crazy as it sounds, I’m already looking forward to November. 

The mental break on Monday nights has been a great release for me.  Obviously, basketball isn’t for everybody.  But, whether you play guitar in a band, work in your garden, write a book, hunt and fish, run a marathon or act in community theater, one thing holds true…if you love something, get out there and do it.  Times are tough…life is stressful…treat yourself to something you enjoy.

To all my friends on the Arcadia Park hoop team, thanks again…it was a great year.


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  1. Amen to that. And this is precisely the reason I tell people to volunteer. When all else fails, I promise, nay, guarantee you will feel better if you give your time to those who need it.

    Sorry for the loss, Mike, but damn, what a close game!

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