Cash for Clunkers Just Lost One Sale

I was pretty thrilled when I heard about the potential Cash for Clunkers legislation.  I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible sitting in my garage that doesn’t run.  The prospect of trading it in to help defray the cost of a new vehicle was really appealing.  I’d already started looking for a new Chrysler or perhaps a Chevrolet…I’d really like to do something, however small, to help out the domestic auto industry.

Then, I read the fine print…

Vehicles only qualify if they have a fuel rating of 17.9 or below.  Unfortunately, my car (when it ran) got about 20 miles per gallon.  I guess I won’t be buying a new vehicle after all.

Which leads me to ask this question.  Is the point of the legislation to stimulate the economy and help the auto industry, or is it a veiled attempt by environmentalists to advance their agenda? ?  I have no problem if people want to trade in a gas-guzzler for something more fuel efficient.  Overall, that’s probably a good thing…but why limit the legislation and exclude higher mileage vehicles?  A clunker is a clunker.  If somebody has a piece of junk that doesn’t run, let them trade it in.  It will lead to more sales and healthy economy…and isn’t that supposed to be the end goal?



  1. yes, the fine print gets us every time. As an alternative, donate to charity for a tax deduction — they’ll take it running or not. You could also give said clunker to the kids after a fix up for their first set of wheels. You’d be more of a hero than you already are!

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