Twitter…Even Mitch Albom has seen the light…

A couple years ago, there was so much news coming out of the auto industry that The DeVilling Group needed to find the cheapest, fastest way to monitor multiple news sources.  Fortunately, many news outlets were experimenting with Twitter, posting information that anyone could follow. We began monitoring various Twitter pages for auto-industry related companies and found it to be an incredibly valuable tool for a company that had just one full-time employee and two part-time consultants.

One sunny afternoon, Mike was listening to the Mitch Albom Show on WJR-AM 760, and Mitch was deriding Twitter as a silly fad, inviting listeners to call in and share their Twitter stories.  Mike called, actually went on the air and told Mitch that Twitter was a pretty powerful tool, gave the example of how we were using it and predicted that there were going to be both personal and business applications for Twitter that people haven’t even thought of yet.

Of course, Mitch and his sidekick Kenny Brown listened politely, then launched back into their own thoughts like “What do I care what Oprah had for breakfast?”  Clearly, Mitch (and Kenny), in the early stages of Twitter was completely missing the point.

Undaunted, The DeVilling Group kept looking for applications where Twitter could help build businesses.  Dave Wieme joined the firm with a clear mission: utilize social media to give our clients a stronger voice in the marketplace, find ways to drive traffic to their websites, turn “fans” into “customers” and then into “ambassadors of the brand” and finally, figure out how to raise our client’s SEO (of course SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or how popular/high up on the search list a company is in a search engine, like Google).  We’ve done a lot…we are podcasting, managing client Facebook Fan pages, we are writing blogs, and yes…posting on Twitter. We have even had success with SEO.

And, it turns out that Twitter is quickly emerging as perhaps our clients’ most powerful social media marketing tool.  Some recent examples:

  • The Michigan Sports Hall of Fame used Twitter to promote an online fundraising auction. The Twitter feeds led directly to the auction items posted on EBay and produced an average of 5,000 hits per day in just a five day period. The Tweets also resulted in hundreds of additional bids and MSHoF raised more than double their projected goal for their two-week long, online event.
  • Cattails Golf Club in South Lyon, used Twitter to promote their indoor golf simulators this winter.  Web traffic jumped by 400 percent and the simulators were booked solid the latter half of December. At one point, Cattails GC was listed third on a Google search for “indoor golf Michigan” and they are the number 1-20 result when you search “indoor golf Michigan” on Twitter.
  • Levanto Financial launched a Twitter campaign this past weekend.  After the first 160 tweets, there have been nearly 1,000 click-thrus to the company’s website and they have increased their website traffic by more than 100% over a three-day period.   

We have found Twitter to be an incredibly cost-effective and powerful social media marketing tool. 

We recently researched some stats and found that Twitter has more than 300 million accounts with people joining Twitter worldwide at a rate of 300,000 per day. Twitter is the SECOND largest search engine in the world showing numbers of more than 24 BILLION searches per month. People use their smart phones to Tweet and the research told us that the number of smart phones in the world is expected to more than triple in the next year.

Social media, namely Twitter, is where people are and we are encouraging and helping our clients find ways to reach out to this huge and rapidly expanding audience. 

Oh, and by the way…Mitch has seen the light – TIMES TWO.  You can follow him at!/freepmitch or!/MitchAlbom.

Follow Mike DeVilling at:!/mikedevilling

Follow Dave Wieme at:!/DavidWieme

See you in the Twittosphere!

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