Mike’s random musings…

I’ve been trying to think of a blog topic for the last half hour or so…not one single theme sticks, but there’s a lot of random, disjointed thoughts rolling around in my head.  So, in the style of Bob Talbert’s “Outta my mind on a Monday Moanin’” here’s “Fried on Friday,” an eclectic mix of my own musings…hopefully, some of these will start some good conversations…maybe even some spirited debates.  Here goes:

Light Rail…right idea, wrong execution

I’m afraid Detroit’s light rail plans are ill-conceived.  A parking lot at the State Fair Grounds near 8-mile, with a train that heads downtown.  Why would I want to drive 14 miles, park the car, then take the train? 

A rail that runs the length of Woodward from Jefferson to M-59 in Pontiac, with stops in Birmingham, Royal Oak, Ferndale and a couple spots in Detroit would be ideal.  Costly, yes.  But, much more useful.  I know some of my friends are much closer to this initiative than I am…let me hear your opinions. 

Movie business – keep the incentives

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to both sides of the film industry incentives debate.  The rational, number crunching side of my brain fully understands the governor’s stance…

But, there is more to the film incentives than just the numbers.  There is something to be said for creating buzz and enthusiasm in the region.  Nothing has created more buzz in the region the past several years than the budding film industry.  Let’s keep the incentives…let’s build a fun industry that keeps young talented people here in Michigan.

Let me hear from you on this issue…both pro and con. 

Jim Tressel should be fired…

There I said it.  Are you happy Todd Krieger?

The Chevy Volt is priced to fail…

I love the look of the Chevy Volt, and it is an engineering marvel.  But, at $32,000 it is simply too expensive for mainstream America to buy in volume.  I believe GM’s heart is in the right place, but the Volt will go down as a painful, overpriced mistake.  But, I really hope I am wrong.  Your thoughts?

I hope Travel and Tourism does well this summer…

Michigan’s second most important industry is probably Travel and Tourism…I think Pure Michigan is one of the best marketing campaigns ever (though, I must admit, the Pure Michigan spoofs are good too!).  I also will be doing my part to stimulate the state’s economy with at least two trips up north this Spring and summer to Bear Lake.  What about you?  Do you have travel plans within the state this year?  I’d love to hear about your favorite vacation spots. 

Good luck Tom Gores…

I’d have rather seen the Ilitch family buy the Pistons, but at least the sale is done.  The past season, the entire organization was in limbo, and it impacted the product on the court.  It will take some time to get the Pistons back to prominence, but, hopefully they will start moving in the right direction next year.

Good luck Red Wings…

The playoffs are here.  Go Wings.  I wish I could grow a decent playoff beard.

P90X works…

You’ve seen me and Dave post about P90X a lot…that’s because it works.  Best work out/nutrition plan ever.  If you want to get started, let us know.  We have some friends who are BeachBody consultants who can get you started.

Marathon and Half-Marathon training…

I’m probably going to do the Brooksie Way Half Marathon this fall.  Training starts now.  If you can run 20 miles a week by early June, you are in good enough shape to take the next step and train for a full marathon.  If you are up for the challenge, I am always happy to be part of a runner’s support system.   Let me know if you need advice, encouragement, or even an occasional running partner.

Okay…now I am ready for Wieme and his dissenting opinions…

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