Abercrombie Non-Endorsement a Major PR Coup

Every now and then, I see a PR effort that deserves some recognition. As I type, Abercrombie is generating headlines seemingly EVERYWHERE. Why? Because they are as sick of Jersey Shore as everybody else.

If you missed it (and it would be hard to do so if you spent even a minute online today), Abercrombie offered to pay some of the Jersey Shore goof balls NOT to wear their clothes. Truly, a brilliant PR move.

One of the keys to success in PR is understanding shifts in popular culture. In this case, the folks at Abercrombie realized that the 15 minutes are just about up (or should be, anyway) for the untalented, overexposed clowns who “star” on Jersey Shore.

The move has worked incredibly well in terms of overall brand exposure for Abercrombie. In one quick scan of my twitter feed, I saw stories in posts from Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CBS. There have been myriad posts on Facebook and this was one of the top 10 trending topics on Yahoo. Literally, I saw all this in under one minute.

Whatever Abercrombie is paying the Jersey Shore gang not to wear their brand, it is well worth it. Abercrombie is raking in millions (maybe billions) of media impressions today, and getting people to talk about their brand.

Well done, Abercrombie PR team!

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