Do as I say…not as I do.

Something I tell my clients often…social media is a great tool…if you contribute to it on a regular basis. Tweet regularly. Post on Facebook regularly. Interact with other social media users…post articles you like frequently.

And, blog on a regular basis.


The fact that I haven’t updated this blog in about 600 days is inexcusable. The fact is, I got a little tired of hearing my own voice, so I took a little break. Then, we had an election year and it seemed every thought racing through my head was dictated by partisan politics. And, I promised not to post about politics. So, one day led to another…and suddenly, nearly two years had slipped by.

But, now I’m back. I’ve made it one of my goals in 2013 (thanks to an awesome Motor City Connect goal setting event!) to blog more this year. Once a week minimum. Business is good, my projects are interesting, I’m more involved in the Detroit PRSA chapter than I have been in years and I just have a lot more to say. Maybe I’ll even let my summer intern blog a little this year (can’t wait to introduce her this summer…I think she’s pretty cool, although I’m admittedly a little biased).

Anyway, enough for now…I’ll be back on Monday with the first of what promises to be may blog entries!

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